Art and writing portfolio website for Bekah Richards

selected publications

  • "Your Workout Is Not a War Zone:  Rethinking the Language of Fitness."  Ms. Fit Magazine, August 2015.
  • “American Copyright Law and Transformative Appropriation: Is Intellectual Property Theft?” Brandeis University Law Journal 1.1 (2010): 14-25.
  • "Close an Art Museum, Save a School?" [letter to the editor] New York Times, 6 February 2009.  
  • “Cultural Minority.” The Southern Poverty Law Center, 17 March 2008.
  • “Clothes Don’t Make the Student.”  Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 7 December 2005: JJ4.
  • “Don't Buy Uniforms' 'Benefits'.”  Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 3 May 2005: A15.